Do you feel like you've slowed down, gotten stuck, or lost your direction in either your career or personal life? Northpoint will point you in the right direction, get you moving, and get you going fast again.

Whether you're learning professional skills for your career or personal skills for your hobbies and relationships, Northpoint will help you learn how to learn and teach you how to teach.

If you're young professional building your career, a manager coaching your reports, a hobbyist learning new personal skills, or a mentor guiding others through life, then Northpoint can give you the skills to help you and your people succeed.

What is Northpoint and what does it do?

Northpoint is dedicated to the art and science of learning and teaching new skills. When we first started, we asked ourselves why some people learned to be wildly successful experts while others studied so hard only to achieve little.

At first, it was easy to tell ourselves that it was a complex question because every individual learned in a unique way and every skill was taught differently. That was the quick-and-easy conclusion to come to, and it was the wrong one.

So Northpoint spent years studying the academic literature from the fields of expertise and sports psychology, formulating and theorizing models of learning, and practicing and testing those concepts in the real world. Between extensive research and practical experience, certain universal patterns of learning started to emerge.

It became clear that every skill, field of study, and domain of expertise had similar features, aspects, and dimensions. Specifically, with enough experience, every field congealed into a certain "shape" that could be learned, visualized, and navigated with the steady hand of a true expert.

Once you can visualize that shape, it gives you the structured methodology to learn any skill of your choice. Better yet, learning that universal shape gives you the direction needed to enjoy breakthrough acceleration in developing any skill. The shape is the mental model that teaches you to learn fast.

In short, it's your master key to mastery.

And because learning and teaching are two sides of the same coin, learning how to learn will also teach you how to teach. So this will help give you direction, growth, and acceleration whether you're learning or teaching either professionally or personally.

What skills can Northpoint help you learn or teach?

We've made some big claims. But how do we know this stuff works? Cold hard experience.

These are not just fluffy philosophical ideas we've convinced ourselves of. These are models we've formulated, actively tried to disprove (but couldn't), and applied successfully in our own learning journeys for a wide variety of new skills.

Specifically, we've used this to learn professional skills like

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Direct-Response Copywriting
  • Digital Marketing
  • Business & Entrepreneurship
  • Management & Leadership

And we've used this to learn personal skills like

  • Relationship & Communication Skills
  • Writing & Public Speaking
  • Storytelling (both written & spoken)
  • Conversational Comedy
  • Dog Training

We've also used this to learn hard-and-fast, concrete skills like

  • Hand-to-Hand Martial Arts & Defensive Handgun Shooting
  • Video Gaming

But we've also used this to learn high-level, abstract theories like

  • Evolutionary Biology
  • Micro- & Macro-Economics
  • Politics & International Relations
  • Psychology & Sociology
  • Expertise & Natural Intelligence

Follow Northpoint

  • If you feel like you used to be certain of where you were going, but now you're lost and adrift, Northpoint can help you find your sense of direction and purpose.
  • If you feel like you used to be making progress with solid growth, but now you're stuck in stagnation with no way out, Northpoint can get you moving forward again.
  • If you feel like you used to be learning lots of things fast, but now you've hit the steep part of the learning curve and slowed down, Northpoint can help you accelerate your learning velocity.

How can we help you? Our blog, podcast, and book all teach you how to learn.

  • Our blog posts are the text versions of our teachings, with added diagrams and sketches so you can visualize the right ideas. If you're an avid reader or someone who likes to skim through the text, try the blog.
  • Our podcast is where the action is, including our teachings as well as a regular Q&A section with the audience. If you like listening to something while you commute or exercise, try the podcast.
  • Our book is the complete package. The whole methodology, mental model, framework, and ideas are all there, plus a number of ground-breaking ideas that you won't learn anywhere else.

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